02 Jun 2014 09:06 am

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) is a risk management methodology for analyzing supply chains for quality assurance. This guide provides an introduction to the concepts, steps, and questions to ask when performing HACCP analysis.

02 Jun 2014 09:06 am

Farmforce is a Software-as-a-Service solution that simplifies the management of small-holder farmers, increases traceability and enables access to formal markets. It is used to efficiently manage outgrower schemes and contract farming programs.

14 May 2014 09:05 am

A new publication from the ILO provides groundbreaking methods for incorporating gender concerns into the different stages of value chain analysis and strengthening the links essential for gender equality and promoting sustainable pro-poor growth and development strategies.

06 May 2014 03:05 pm

The Integrating Very Poor Producers into Value Chains Field Guide (Field Guide) is intended to provide the field-level practitioner with tools and applications to impact very poor households.

06 May 2014 09:05 am

This series of 7 primers from USAID details how to properly design and conduct impact assessments of value chain interventions. The lack of properly designed studies has caused many value chain interventions to have inconclusive results.

01 May 2014 08:05 am

The overarching aim of the Program Planning Tool is to provide a framework for use by program designers
and implementers that guides the design or adjustment of agricultural interventions towards better linkages
with nutrition. The distinctive features of the tool are:

24 Apr 2014 02:04 pm

Supply chain risk has become a major area of concern for companies in the agribusiness sector, as well as for their customers, financiers, and external stakeholders.

24 Apr 2014 11:04 am

This resource from the World Bank provides research, analysis and case studies to the use of ICT's in agriculture in developing countries.

22 Apr 2014 12:04 pm

This handbook helps practitioners become familiar with how to analyze and strategies to address gender issues in agricultural value chains.

21 Apr 2014 01:04 pm

Microlinks is the value chain knowledge outlet of USAID. They provide courses ranging from value chain basics to how to design, manage, and evaluate value chain projects.