The Value Chain Knowledge Clearinghouse is an initiative led by Policies, Institutions, and Markets CGIAR Research Program consisting of IFPRI, CIAT, ILRI, IITA, World Agroforestry Centre, ICRISAT, Bioversity, and CIP. The purpose of this portal is to provide a comprehensive, easily accessible repository of research methods and best practices surrounding value chain performance that can be used by all the consortium research programs and partners.
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Achmad Firman (AchmadFirman)
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Aden Aw-Hassan (Aden.Awhassan)

Aden Awhassan is a Director of Social, Economic and Policy Research Program at ICARDA. He has been an Value Chains flagship team member since  2014. He holds a Ph.D.

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Adrian Mukhebi (AdrianMukhebi)
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Ainsworth Riley (AinsworthRiley)
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Alan de Brauw (Alan.DeBrauw) IFPRI
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Alastair Orr (Alastair.Orr)

Alastair William Orr is an assistant Director and Principal Scientist at Markets, Institutions and Policies division at ICRISAT located in Nairobi, Kena. He has been an Value Chains

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Andre Daud (AndreDaud)
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André Devaux (Andre.Devaux)

Andre Devaux holds a Ph.D. in Agriculture Science at Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), Belgium.

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Andrea Romero (AndreaRomero)
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Andrea Gros (Andrea.Gros)

Andrea Gros is the Head of Communication.

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Andrew Wangili (Andrew.Wangili)

Wangili Andrew holds a  first degree in information science with a major in knowledge management from Technical university of kenya.I have  worked as an intern at United states international univer

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Andrew Shepherd (AndrewShepherd)
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Andrew Noah Chebet (Andrew NoahChebet)
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Bart Minten (Bart.Minten) IFPRI
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Bhupinder Mamik (Bhupinder.Mamik)
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Caitlin Kieran (Caitlin.Kieran) IFPRI
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Carlos Ostertag (CarlosOstertag)
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Charlotte Masiello-Riome (Charlotte.Masie...)

Charlotte Masiello-Riome is the Head of Communications at Bioversity International, where she is responsible for the organization’s communication strategy, managing an international team of communi

Bioversity International
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Chris Marciniak (Chris.Marciniak)

Chris Marciniak is a research assistant in the Markets, Trade, and Institutions Division of IFPRI in Washington, D.C.

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Christine Wangari (Christine.Wangari)

Christine Wangari is a Communications Specialist based at the ICRISAT Nairobi office. She holds an MSc degree in Development Communications from Daystar University.

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christopher Fernando. (christopherFernando.)
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Cynthia Bantilan (Cynthia.Bantilan)

Cynthia Bantilan is the Research Program Director at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) for the Research Program on Markets, Institutions Policy.

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Daisy Ouya (Daisy.Ouya)

Daisy Ouya is a science writer and communications specialist with the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF).

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Danilo Herrera (DaniloHerrera)
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David Hitchcock (DavidHitchcock)
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David Kahan (DavidKahan)
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David Shearer (DavidShearer)
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Derek Baker (Derek.Baker)

Derek Baker is the Team Leader, Changing Demand and Market Institutions.

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Dietmar Stoian (Dietmar.Stoian)

Dietmar Stoian is Director of the Commodity Systems and Genetic Resources programme at Bioversity International in Montpellier, France.

Bioversity International
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Edward Seidler (EdwardSeidler)
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Ekaete UDONG (EkaeteUDONG)
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Elizabeth Fontein (ElizabethFontein)
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Erika Eliana Mosquera (Erika.Mosquera)

Social communicator with a strong focus on the design, development and production of methodological tools to facilitate learning.

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Forrest Wilhoit (ForrestWilhoit)
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Francesco Anichini (FrancescoAnichini)
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Frank Place (Frank.Place)

Frank Place is the director of the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets (PIM).

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Froukje Kruijssen (Froukje.Kruijssen)

Froukje Kruijssen is a Scientist Markets and Trade at WorldFish, based in Amsterdam.

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Girlie Sarmiento (GirlieSarmiento)
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Girma Tesfahun Kassie (Girma.Tesfahun)

Dr. Girma T.

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Guy Hareau (Guy.Hareau)

Guy Hareau holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Virginia Tech and is part of the Agronomy department at Universidad de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay.

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Hamid Malhi (HamidMalhi)
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Harrison Rware (HarrisonRware)
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Hikuepi Katjiuongua (Hikuepi.Katjiuongua)

Hikuepi Katjiuongua is an Agriculutral Economist in ILRI. She holds PhD program at Michigan State University in the Department of Agricultural Economics.

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Ibrahim Hamdam (Ibrahim.Hamdam)
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Iddo Dror (Iddo.Dror)


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Isaac Asare (IsaacAsare)
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Jason Donovan (Jason.Donovan)

Jason Donovan is a Marketing Specialist in ICRAF's Peru office. He holds a Ph.D. in Development Economics from the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies.

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Jo Cadilhon (Jo.Cadilhon)

Jo Cadilhon is a Senior Agricultural Economist in the Policy Trade and Value Chains program of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).

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Jo Cadilhon (JoCadilhon)
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John Kangethe (JohnKangethe)
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Joseph Rusike (Joseph.Rusike) IITA
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Juejan Tangtermthong (JuejanTangtermthong)
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Julien Custot (JulienCustot)
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Julius Ingweye (Julius.Ingweye)

Dr Julius N. Ingweye, a Registered Animal Scientist, hails from Akorshi-Bendi, Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria.

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Karen Brooks (Karen.Brooks)

Brooks is Director of the CGIAR Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets, led by IFPRI.

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Katarina Tarimo (Katarina.Tarimo)
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Kevin (Kevin)
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Laxman Neupane (Laxman.Neupane)

Designed, coordinated, managed and executed to national & international research/studies programs & projects on sustainable livelihood strategies; facilitated high level trainings, work

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Lisa Kitinoja (LisaKitinoja)
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Long Pham Hoang (LongPham Hoang)
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Lucia Madrigal (Lucia.Madrigal)

Lucia Madrigal has about eight years of research experience and six years of those working on rigorous research in international organizations in Washington DC, and including the Internat

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Luciana Delgado (ldelgado)

Luciana Delgado is a Senior research assistant at IFPRI and joined IFPRI in 2013. She is from Peru.

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Mario Costa (MarioCosta)
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Mark Lundy (Mark.Lundy)

Mark Lundy is a Researcher at CIAT, in Cali, Colombia.

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Masimba Ndoro (MasimbaNdoro)
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Matthias Jager (Matthias.Jager)

Matthias has wide experience working in different development projects, private sector companies and NGOs in topics related to marketing and value chain promotion of organic and fair trade certifie

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Maximo Torero (Maximo.Torero)

Maximo Torero is the Division Director of the Markets, Trade, and Institutions Division at the International Food Policy Research Institute, leader of the Global Research Program on Institutions an

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Michelle DeFreese (MichelleDeFreese)
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Miguel Garcia (MiguelGarcia)
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Mohamed Safwat (MohamedSafwat)
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Orawan Ananvoranich (OrawanAnanvoranich)
P.ParthasarathyRao's picture
P ParthasarathyRao (P.ParthasarathyRao)

P Parthasarathy Rao is a Principal Scientist in ICRISAT. His research is focusing on commodity situation and outlook, crop-livestock interaction and district level database.

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Patrice Annequin (PatriceAnnequin)
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Pratima Mathews (Pratima.Mathews)

Pratima Mathews is an Indian National and holds a master’s degree in Applied Communications from Bangkok University, Thailand, and a master’s degree in Science from Nagpur University, India.

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Rachel Kohn (IFPRI) IFPRI
Rajita.Majumdar's picture
Rajita Majumdar (Rajita.Majumdar)

A communications expert with 10+ years of rich experience cross-cutting international business development; communication and outreach strategies; stakeholder partnerships; and capacity building.

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Ralph Houtman (RalphHoutman)
Sara.Gustafson's picture
Sara Gustafson (Sara.Gustafson) IFPRI
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Seamus Murphy (Seamus.Murphy) WorldFish
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Seenivasan Madhaiyan (SeenivasanMadhaiyan)
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Shaun Ferris (ShaunFerris)
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Sidy Gueye Niang (Sidy.Niang)
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Siliva Barone (Siliva.Barone)

Silvia Barone is a Researcher Associate in Value Chain for Latin America in CIP. Before joining CIP, she was a project manager at AGRA.

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Soonho Kim (Soonho.Kim)

Soonho Kim is a data manager at IFPRI and joined IFPRI in 2011. She is originally from South Korea and has lived in Florida, Rome, and Fairfax, Virginia. She received a Ph.D.

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Steve Staal (SteveStaal)
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Summer Allen (Summer.Allen) IFPRI
Tahirou.Abdoulaye's picture
Tahirou Abdoulaye (Tahirou.Abdoulaye)

Tahirou Abdoulaye is from Niger. He is an Agricultural Economist based in Ibadan, Nigeria. His academic qualifications include a B.Sc. in economics (University of Niamey, Niger); and M.Sc.

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Tezira Lore (TeziraLore)
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Xavier Meignien (XavierMeignien)
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Ye Shen (Ye.Shen)