The Value Chain Knowledge Clearinghouse is an initiative led by Policies, Institutions, and Markets CGIAR Research Program consisting of IFPRI, CIAT, ILRI, IITA, World Agroforestry Centre, ICRISAT, Bioversity, and CIP. The purpose of this portal is to provide a comprehensive, easily accessible repository of research methods and best practices surrounding value chain performance that can be used by all the consortium research programs and partners.
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Andrea Gros (Andrea.Gros)

Andrea Gros is the Head of Communication.

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Charlotte Masiello-Riome (Charlotte.Masie...)

Charlotte Masiello-Riome is the Head of Communications at Bioversity International, where she is responsible for the organization’s communication strategy, managing an international team of communi

Bioversity International
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Chris Marciniak (Chris.Marciniak)

Chris Marciniak is a research assistant in the Markets, Trade, and Institutions Division of IFPRI in Washington, D.C.

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Christine Wangari (Christine.Wangari)

Christine Wangari is a Communications Specialist based at the ICRISAT Nairobi office. She holds an MSc degree in Development Communications from Daystar University.

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Daisy Ouya (Daisy.Ouya)

Daisy Ouya is a science writer and communications specialist with the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF).

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Erika Eliana Mosquera (Erika.Mosquera)

Social communicator with a strong focus on the design, development and production of methodological tools to facilitate learning.

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Joel Ranck (Joel.Ranck)

Joel Ranck, MBA, is a leader in international development, knowledge management, communications, and technology with 25 years of experience as a strategist and communicator.

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Luciana Delgado (ldelgado)

Luciana Delgado is a research assistant at IFPRI and joined IFPRI in 2013. She is from Peru.

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Pratima Mathews (Pratima.Mathews)

Pratima Mathews is an Indian National and holds a master’s degree in Applied Communications from Bangkok University, Thailand, and a master’s degree in Science from Nagpur University, India.

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Rachel Kohn (IFPRI) IFPRI
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Rajita Majumdar (Rajita.Majumdar)

A communications expert with 10+ years of rich experience cross-cutting international business development; communication and outreach strategies; stakeholder partnerships; and capacity building.

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Sara Gustafson (Sara.Gustafson) IFPRI
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Soonho Kim (Soonho.Kim)

Soonho Kim is a data manager at IFPRI and joined IFPRI in 2011. She is originally from South Korea and has lived in Florida, Rome, and Fairfax, Virginia. She received a Ph.D.

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Summer Allen (Summer.Allen) IFPRI