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Feed the Future Learning Agenda Literature Review: Expanded Markets, Value Chains, and Increased Investment

The objective of this paper is to summarize available evidence on key questions for the Feed the Future Learning Agenda theme on expanded markets, value chains and increased investments, and document expert opinion on gaps in the scientific literature for this theme that are in most urgent need of attention.

Among the gaps identified are the lack of rigorous impact assessments of value chain interventions. Specifically "the vast majority of the data available measure outcomes that suggest reductions in poverty rather than quantify impacts on poverty."

Interplay Among Credit, Insurance and Savings for Farmers in Developing Countries

Agricultural income in low income countries is subject to many risks, much of which is uninsured. In this paper we examine the potential benefits of three financial products -weather index insurance, savings accounts, and insured agricultural loans- that could improve a household's ability to manage agricultural risks. We develop and estimate a dynamic stochastic model that explores the relative benefits of these three products by quantifying their impact on consumption, investment and welfare. The parameters of the model are calibrated with data from farmers in Ethiopia.

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